Monday, April 5, 2010

L . A . F – Season 1, Episode 1

Feb 5th 2009, 3 days after my wedding, my in-laws, wife and myself were geared up to catch Tutocorin Express from Bangalore to go to Tirunelveli for the second reception at my native. We reached the station an hour early, even though we knew the train will start be on time. My wife was cursing her parents to be so early and no place sit on the new platform. We had to stand for an hour and a half before the train came and we sat in.

It was already 10 PM, so I jumped into my favourite berth (SUB – Side Upper Berth), with my iPhone to hear some nice music and ‘Deception Point’ to read. I usually won’t get sleep while travelling so was just resting myself in comfortable upper berth, listening to songs, nice and cool.

It was morning, the train was on time to Madurai and 4 more hours to Maniachchi junction where a taxi will be waiting for us to go to my native house. We had a really hard idlis and little tough vada bought at Madurai station. I soaked it in sambhar for a while so that its soft enough to eat.

Finally we reached Maniachchi and took taxi to my house where my parents and my brother were eagerly awaiting for our arrival first time after marriage.

Home Sweet Home, had nice bath, delicious mother’s food, TV, chatting and slept. Next day morning, dad was busy preparing for the reception night. My wife and I went out to do some last minute shopping for the reception.

Dad had put up some lights in the beautiful garden in the front with two big chairs, bright and red (usual wedding chairs), in the front of our house outside surrounded by trees, plants and flowers. Cool air was coming on our right side from a cooler (Yes it was humid at night during February at my native). Reception went very well and we all were tired and I jumped into bed early.

Next day morning, I decided to go out for a walk and opened by camera bag to get my iPhone to hear music on the go and it wasn’t there. I searched other bags, all over the place…..couldn’t find it.

My mind automatically started to rewind itself. Two nights back I was in the train hearing music and reading ‘Deception Point’. I placed the iPhone and the book in the side net pocket on the berth and slept.

The pocket was not so big, but my iPhone went under the book. Its then I realised that, I must have left the phone in the pocket itself. Oh my god! how the hell I forgot to take my iPhone but took the book.

Yes, I lost my iPhone in the train……you know its impossible to get it back.

To be continued…..