Sunday, May 16, 2010

L . A . F – Season 1, Episode 2 [Final]

Continues from L.A.F Season 1, Episode 1….

I went and told my wife about this, and was reluctant to tell this to my dad (you know!). My wife was excited and couldn’t curse me (just 1 week after wedding :-) ). My in laws knew about this too and both asked me to check everywhere. I did, but its not there.

I was very upset for the next few days, my iPhone was my pet and I loved it so much.

Time to head for honeymoon (Munaar) and we started to pack our things. I was in no mood and with half-hearted I started to pack my stuffs. Both my wife and I were looking at each other and she tried to convince me as much she could.


I reluctantly opened my camera bag to check if I got all my camera accessories and guess what…….I found my iPhone (it was in a pouch inside my camera bag)…..I was overwhelmed and immediately took it and showed it to my wife first. My in-laws were there and father-in-law said, ‘I knew it must have been here’ and my mother-in-law, ‘Oh, my prayers didn’t go in vain….thank god’.

I am not sure whom to thank for here…..I just thanked god

Was I too careful to be careless…. : )…..well this is just beginning.

The End.