Saturday, February 13, 2010

Go India Go!

This is not for the Indian cricket team for the next test match. The Indian media seems to be keep our cricket team on the top at all times. We never care about other sporting events including our national game hockey. Now the Winter Olympics 2010 just opened up in Vancouver, I never realised that we participate and qualified for this event until I saw the opening ceremony few hours back live. We have three participants in three sporting events at the Winter Olympics 2010. Out media seems to be very busy talking out Senas and Telenganas, Dhonis and Khans.

No one talks about Shiva Keshavan who is participating in the Winter Olympics for the fourth time. Two more from India also participating in the Olympics.

All the very best for the three Indians in the Winter Olympics 2010, it doesn’t matter if we won any medal or not, but its an honour to be represented as India among 81 other nations.

Go India Go!

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