Saturday, January 23, 2010

Oh Baby, please hold until next day

Everyone will pray god for a baby to be born safe and sound soon. Have you heard someone praying god for the baby to be born safe and sound few hours late?

This happened years ago, where a mother-to-be is on the verge of giving birth to her first baby. One part of the family were praying god for the baby to be born couple of hours late as that day was Lord Ganesha’s birth day and its not very good to be born on the same day. Another part of the family is praying for the same so that birth date is not 13. I don’t know what the baby thought, it was born safe and sound the next day at 1:02 AM. Yes, it missed Ganesha’s birthday and the unlucky number 13.
When the baby was born, everybody were in joy and forgot what they prayed for, all were happy to see the new born coming to life safe and sound.

The baby did not know about this until after 10 years when my mother told this story to me. Yes, that baby was me born on 14th Sep 1979. I felt proud that day. When I think about this now….well I don’t know what to say…..Be happy and make others happy…..and live your life with full satisfaction

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