Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy New Year and My first Blog!

I know its 16 days late. I thought I would start my own blog this New Year, but got lazy as usual.

My third New Year in Sydney, gosh 3 years away from home. When I look back, I start to think what did I achieve in the past 3 years. I feel I have wasted my valuable time. I did not learn driving, did not buy a house, no investments. I told myself, you lived your life without any goal in your mind to be proud of living your life.

Past is past, there is no point thinking about it now. Oh! what am I writing here, that too on my first blog making you bored. Let talk about some of my moments last year.

January 2009 – Flew to Bangalore to get married for the first time (well for the last time too!). I won’t say this is a happy moment, but a thrilling period with lot of thoughts going around my mind few weeks before wedding.

February 2009 – The most thrilling time to start with. 1st was my engagement, 2nd was the wedding day, 8th went for honeymoon and 11th back to work from Bangalore. 23rd left alone to Sydney hoping my wife will arrive soon. The rest of the days went just waiting, waiting and waiting.

March 2009 – 6th my wife arrived Sydney. I did what not to get her with me as quick as possible. I made several calls to Aus embassy at Sydney, Aus high commission at New Delhi, Visa office, MindTree travel desk. Yes,I was going crazy on this, and once she came in 2 weeks after my lonely return I never looked back to even think about the people I called several times.

Okay okay, you guys may be thinking what he is writing his autobiography here. Well, the last year just went off just like this without much happenings other than ‘Family man’ title and the PMP certification.

Now I step into 2010, hoping to achieve something which gives me satisfaction and makes others proud.

Happy New Year again to all, may this new year be loving, joyful and satisfying just like this spectacular fireworks flowing through the skies joyfully, brightening up with love and satisfying you eyes.


  1. Good Start !! Welcome to blogging !!!

  2. Thanks man.....lets see how it goes ;)