Monday, January 18, 2010

My Quotes

These are not the quotes from great people, but my own. You don’t have to be great to come up with own quotes. Sometimes experience and too much thinking alone is enough to come up with your own. Here are few of my quotes.

Sometimes I think why should I work, but I don’t have any choice and it’s not programmed to include any choice.

People say Google is your second brain. I say, it’s your brain which makes the Google to work your way

Every time I get something to do, I don't think, "Is it possible", instead I think "Let's try it" and I always succeed.

I think, what I think,  to make you think, that both think right.

To do work on your own is good, but to make others to do your work is the best.


  1. I guess you should also add your most famous quote "Service the web or be web serviced" :)

    BTW the pic is really good.. Kudos to the photographer...:)

  2. Thanks Prashanth....the web service thing is a modified version of my friend's quote :)